Joffrey Community Engagement offers free classes at Jofrey Tower and Joffrey South Loop for the continuation of dance education.

Students are selected from in-school and community programs to participate based on their demonstration of consistent attendance, good behavior, and passion for dance. This quality programming utilizes Joffrey's state of the art facilities, and all students are provided with dance attire and costumes. Students will gain a deeper understanding of dance as they work on further improving technique and achieving confidence through performing. 

Joffrey Bridge Program

Designed for Grades K–2

The Joffrey Bridge Program includes four phases, beginning with Phase I: an introduction to ballet in school. In Phase II, students develop classical ballet technique, increase ballet vocabulary, and improve body placement in free weekly classes during the second half of the school year. Select students are invited to attend Phase III, a free two-week summer intensive that focuses on continued training. In Phase IV, select students receive a full scholarship to the Joffrey Academy of Dance until their high school graduation.

Extensions Program

Designed for Grades 3–8

Divided into three levels, students learn the fundamentals of ballet and a variety of dance genres with free weekly classes during the school year. Students perform at various events throughout the city and are invited to attend a free two-week summer intensive that focuses on continued training.

After School Matters

Designed for Grades 9–12

High school students work as apprentices or advanced apprentices in this seven-week summer partnership program. With instruction by Joffrey dancers and Joffrey Teaching Artists, students participate in a rigorous rehearsal schedule, working with a number of guest choreographers and performing throughout the city.

Exelon Strobel Dancers

Designed for Grades 9–12

This rigorous program focuses on improving technique and performance quality during the school year. Students serve as ambassadors of Joffrey Community Engagement, with frequent opportunities to perform their repertoire throughout the city. Students are provided with mentorship opportunities for academic success, with a 100% graduation rate among the students.

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