The mission of Joffrey Community Engagement is to provide equitable access, high-quality arts learning, and dance education to the youth of Chicago.

Dance has the power to educate and inspire. Joffrey Community Engagement was founded to support physical, social, and emotional development, and improve the educational, community, and wellness outcomes for young people. 

Today, Joffrey Community Engagement is the leading dance education provider in the city of Chicago, with more than 93 programs in 58 schools throughout the Chicago Public School system, and dedicated to reaching students and communities near and far.

Lifecycle of a Dancer

What does excellent dance training look like these days? Who receives these opportunities? Will a standard program truly prepare one for a career of artistry? Joffrey CE intern Leah Ollie looks into answering these questions.

Explore Joffrey Community Engagement


Excite. Explore. Enrich. This is the mantra that makes Joffrey Community Engagement one of the leading dance education providers in the city of Chicago.

In-School Programs

Through highly structured classroom experiences with Joffrey Teaching Artists, students learn a variety of dance styles, skills, and techniques. Classes take place before, during, or after school.

Programs at Joffrey Tower

This exceptional programming utilizes Joffrey’s state-of-the-art facilities at Joffrey Tower in downtown Chicago, giving dedicated students an opportunity to further their dance training beyond the classroom.

Cultural Connections

There’s no better teacher than experience. Cultural Connections gives students an opportunity to shine in front of an audience.



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