The Star Society recognizes individuals that have included the Joffrey in their estate plans.

If you have already named the Joffrey in your estate plan, please let us know so we may thank you and invite you to our annual luncheon and other appreciation events. Members can choose to be recognized publicly or remain anonymous.

To register for the Star Society, please complete the Star Society Registration Form.

To learn more about including the Joffrey in your estate plan, and how your estate gift can generate support for the Joffrey today through our Legacy Challenge, please visit our Planned Giving page.

If you are ready to get started on your Joffrey legacy, we invite you to utilize this free will-writing resource. In 20 minutes or less, you can create a legally binding will that supports what you love. We are proud to offer this tool completely cost-free to the Joffrey community through our partnership with FreeWill.

“I first saw the Joffrey when I was a dance student in 1972. It was pure magic. I was hooked for life. What I have learned about the arts, and dance, in particular, is that it has the power to connect us in an unspoken yet powerful language, which is not only invaluable but irreplaceable. My husband, Rich, and I have included the Joffrey in our estate plans to ensure that our experiences can be passed on to future dance artists and audiences alike. I simply cannot imagine a world devoid of classical ballet and dance.” —Andrea Winship, Star Society Member

Star Society Members

Anonymous (7)
Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Babcock, Sr.
Pamela Jo Block
D. Jeffrey and Joan H. Blumenthal
Greg Cameron and Greg Thompson
Mr. Paul Chasnoff and Mr. Joe Hopper
Deborah and Cody Engle
Patti S. Eylar and Charles R. Gardner
Ms. Christine B. Fisher
Mr. Michael Goldberger
Sue-Gray Goller
Sandi and Barry Hartstein 
Dale Heiking
Barbara Henigbaum
Marci and Ronald Holzer
Ms. Jessica Jagielnik
Ms. Darlene Johnson
Anne L. Kaplan
Myrna W. Kaplan
Paul Kobasa
Henrietta Leary
Ms. Linda Levey
Philip Lumpkin
Mr. John McAllister
Mr. Kevin McGirr 
Prof. Keith and Anne Moffat
Dr. Elaine Moor
Ms. Jane Ellen Murray and Mr. Edwin Wentz
Mr. Jonathan F. Orser
D. Elizabeth Price
Christine and Daniel Rahill
Eric C. Schieber, MD and Anthony Priore
Mr. Doug Schmidt
Thomas G. Sinkovic
Craig Sirles
Marilyn Slattery
Constance Steinhaus
Jeanette Stevens
Elisabeth Wilcox Szegho
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald V. Waters III
Mary Agnes Welsh
Diana and Stuart Widman
Andrea and Rich Winship
Mrs. Anna Mary Zarrelli