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  • Ages 9–17
  • Requirements Registration

The Joffrey Academy’s Dance Lab Program emphasizes high-quality training and a variety of disciplines for students of all levels. Beginners discover their passion for dance, while intermediate and advanced students strengthen their technical skills and artistry. Led by Keesha Beckford, Dance Lab Program Liaison, Dance Lab allows for more flexible training schedules.


NEW Beginning 2023

Our Youth Division is now named Dance Lab Program 

Beginning in Fall 2023, the Joffrey Academy of Dance is transitioning its Youth Division into what will now be called the Dance Lab Program. By making this change, the Joffrey Academy of Dance hopes to capture the accessibility of its training more accurately. Class content and ages will remain the same. Please see below for more details on the Dance Lab Program. 

The Dance Lab Program allows students to experience the Joffrey Academy of Dance's comprehensive curriculum and rigorous training with the flexibility to pursue other interests. Dancers can create their own schedules from a selection of classes taught by the Joffrey Academy's esteemed faculty. Dance Lab is ideal for students who want to enhance their understanding of ballet, modern, jazz, or contemporary dance while remaining active members of other communities. Dancers are encouraged to take class with a sense of curiosity, experimenting with an approach to placement, conditioning, musicality, dynamics, and artistry that will result in greater clarity and joy in movement.  

Transition to Yearly Registration

Beginning in Fall 2023, the Joffrey Academy of Dance is switching its Children's Division and Dance Lab Program (formerly Youth Division) from semesterly registration to yearly registration. By making this change, the Joffrey Academy of Dance hopes to strengthen and regulate its students' training. Students who register for class in the fall will now be registered for a total of thirty-six (36) weeks and will only need to register one (1) time per school year. This is different from our past operations in which all students had to register two (2) times per school year, once in the fall and once in the spring. Students in yearly-based classes will now be granted two (2) make up classes per semester. This applies to all Children's and Dance Lab classes, with the exception of a few Children's classes. All classes are listed appropriately below. 

Classes with Yearly Registration Classes with Semesterly Registration

Children's Division:

  • Children's Ballet IA
  • Children's Ballet IB
  • Children's Ballet IIA
  • Children's Ballet IIB
  • Children's Ballet IIC
  • Children's Jazz
  • Boys' Dance A
  • Boys' Dance B

Dance Lab Program: Entire Dance Lab Program

  • Dance Lab Ballet I
  • Dance Lab Ballet II
  • Dance Lab Ballet IIIB
  • Dance Lab Ballet IIIA
  • Dance Lab Ballet IV
  • Dance Lab Pre-Pointe
  • Dance Lab Pointe I
  • Dance Lab Pointe II
  • Dance Lab Modern -- Horton
  • Dance Lab Jazz
  • Dance Lab Ensemble

Children's Division: 

  • Toddler and Me
  • Creative Movement A
  • Creative Movement B
  • Pre-Ballet A
  • Pre-Ballet B
  • Pre-Ballet C

Medical Forms Required for All Students

The Joffrey Academy of Dance is requiring all dancers to have a Medical Exam and Medical Waiver on file in order to participate in Joffrey Academy programming. This is for the safety of the dancer and the Joffrey Academy of Dance. Dancers who do not have all medical forms on file by their first class will be permitted to attend and observe class, however, will not be able to dance. Dancers may begin participating fully in classes once all medical forms have been submitted. Medical Exams must have been completed and signed within 12 months of August 31 the year the dancer is registered for Joffrey Academy programming. Students who are still missing forms after three (3) weeks of being enrolled in Joffrey Academy programming will be un-registered from said programming. Forms only need to be submitted once per school year. New forms must be submitted at the start of each fall or at the time the new dancer joins the Joffrey Academy of Dance. Blank copies of the Joffrey Medical Waiver and an Illinois State Medical Form can be found linked in the submission form. To find them, hover your mouse over the part of the form where you upload your files and the link will appear to the right. They are only accessible on a laptop or desktop computer and not on a mobile device. The Medical Exam does not have to be the Illinois State Medical Exam provided. The Joffrey Academy of Dance will accept any medical exam form provided and completed by a licensed medical professional.

Children's Division Class Levels Restructured

Beginning in Fall 2023, the Joffrey Academy of Dance is restructuring and renaming the ballet class levels in its Children's Division. By making this change, the Joffrey Academy of Dance is strengthening the students' progression through its ballet curriculum whilst making levels more distinct for families. As in previous registration periods, all students should register for the class level that coincides with their dancer's age as of August 31, 2023. If returning students received Dance Lab Program (formerly Youth Division) placements in their recent Spring Evaluation, they should continue on with that given placement. New names of classes are outlined below. If you have any questions regarding placement and registration, please feel free to reach out to 

Click here to see the new Children's Division class names. 

Academy Resources

Check below for information including schedules, registration, financial aid, and more!

Students may register using our registration system, Club Automation, which can be found linked below. Specific registration instructions can be found below as well. All classes fill on a first-come, first-served basis. We encourage you to register as soon as you are eligible to ensure your preferred class section. Registration after the start of our classes may require a trial class placement or waitlist. 

If you have questions about your Club Automation account or registration, please contact Reception at 

Returning Students: Returning students are students who were registered for the previous semester or year. Returning students should use their pre-existing Club Automation account to register. All returning students are eligible to take part in Priority Registration. Please watch your inbox for details.

New Students: New students will need to create a new Club Automation account to register. Students are placed in classes based on their age as of August 31 of that school year. Students ages 10+ require a trial class for proper placement. For more information on trial classes, please see our Trial Class page.


Club Automation | Joffrey Academy of Dance

Find our registration instructions here.

The Joffrey Academy of Dance does not offer any tuition refunds for missed classes, withdrawal, or dismissal from the program. By registering for classes, families agree that they are liable for the full tuition amount indicated on any Joffrey Academy of Dance materials and adhere to any payment plans or scheduled payments put in place. 

The Joffrey Academy of Dance is no longer accepting cash as a form of payment.

To learn more about Financial Aid applications, click here

Studio Late Policy: Our classes require a proper warm-up in order to avoid injury, therefore, either Reception or Faculty may ask students to not participate if they arrive more than 10 minutes late.

Required Class Attire

Joffrey Academy’s dress code is designed to encourage unity, discipline, and improved concentration among our students. Specific requirements for the Dance Lab Program can be found below.

Option 1: Black camisole leotard, flesh-tone or pink tights that cover the feet, flesh-tone or pink canvas, split sole ballet slippers. Tights and slipper colors must match.

Recommended: Wear Moi Faustine or Mirella style 207

Option 2: White fitted t-shirt, black shorts and/or black tights, black ballet shoes.

Long hair must be in a neat bun, short hair must be pulled away from face. No jewelry or large accessories.

Ballet students should bring a journal or paper and a pen or pencil to take notes for class.

Students in Pre-Pointe and Pointe should bring a medium-strength Theraband.

Students new to Pointe should not purchase pointe shoes without first speaking with their instructor.

Solid colored camisole leotard or solid colored t-shirt, fitted black dance shorts or jazz pants, black jazz shoes.

Hair must be be pulled away from face. No jewelry or large accessories.

Solid colored camisole leotard or solid colored fitted t-shirt, fitted black dance shorts or black footless/convertible tights.

Long hair must be in a neat bun or pulled away from the face, short hair must be pulled away from the face. No jewelry or large accessories.

Trial Classes

Trial Classes

Trial Classes

Trial classes are required for new students ages 10 and up. Click here to learn more about them!