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Led by Oliver Till, Head of Children's, Adult, and Adaptive, the Joffrey Academy of Dance's Adaptive Dance programs offer the opportunity for students with diverse movement abilities to learn and enjoy the elements of dance.

JAM (Joffrey Abilities in Motion)

JAM helps students with autism find their place in the dance community by providing a positive movement experience, improving upon their mind and body awareness, verbal and nonverbal communications, adaptation to different situations, socialization, and self-confidence.

Private Instruction

The Academy is proud to offer private training for students with diverse movement abilities, including but not limited to those with Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, or Down Syndrome. To schedule a private lesson, please contact Academy Reception at [email protected] or 312-784-4600. 


2024 JAM Spring Semester

Session Duration: 8 weeks

Session Dates: January 28, 2024-March 17, 2024

Class Levels Days and Times:

JAM I (ages approx. 4-7): Sundays 2:45-3:30 

JAM II (ages approx. 8-12): Sundays 3:30-4:15 

Tuition: $120 for 8-weeks

*A registration fee of $25 will be applied at checkout.

Academy Resources

JAM Session Dates: September 24, 2023-November 12, 2023

JAM I (ages approx 4-7): Sundays 2:45-3:30 

JAM II (ages approx 8-12): Sundays 3:30-4:15 


Find our school year Academy Calendar here.

Students may register using our registration system, Club Automation, which can be found linked below. New students should create a new account to register while returning students should use their existing account to register. Specific registration instructions can be found below.

If you have questions about your Club Automation account or registration, please contact Reception at [email protected]


Club Automation | Joffrey Academy of Dance

Find our registration instructions here.

The Joffrey Academy of Dance does not offer any tuition refunds for missed classes, withdrawal, or dismissal from the program. By registering for classes, families agree that they are liable for the full tuition amount indicated on any Joffrey Academy of Dance materials and adhere to any payment plans or scheduled payments put in place. 

The Joffrey Academy of Dance is no longer accepting cash as a form of payment.

Comfortable clothes, ballet slippers or socks. 

Medical Forms Required for All Students: The Joffrey Academy of Dance is requiring all dancers to have a Medical Exam and Medical Waiver on file in order to participate in Joffrey Academy programming. This is for the safety of the dancer and the Joffrey Academy of Dance. Dancers who do not have all medical forms on file by their first class will be permitted to attend and observe class, however, will not be able to dance. Dancers may begin participating fully in classes once all medical forms have been submitted. Medical Exams must have been completed and signed within twelve (12) months of August 31 the year the dancer is registered for Joffrey Academy programming. Students who are still missing forms after three (3) weeks of being enrolled in Joffrey Academy programming will be un-registered from said programming. Forms only need to be submitted once per school year. New forms must be submitted at the start of each fall or at the time the new dancer joins the Joffrey Academy of Dance. Blank copies of the Joffrey Medical Waiver and an Illinois State Medical Form can be found linked in the submission form. To find them, hover your mouse over the part of the form where you upload your files and the link will appear to the right. They are only accessible on a laptop or desktop computer and not on a mobile device. The Medical Exam does not have to be the Illinois State Medical Exam provided. The Joffrey Academy of Dance will accept any medical exam form provided and completed by a licensed medical professional.

Joffrey Academy Gift Cards: Now available, the Joffrey Academy of Dance offers digital gift cards for those wanting to give the gift of dance. Gift cards may be used on any payment at the Joffrey Academy, including class tuition, private lessons, studio reservations, physical therapy sessions, merchandise, and more. Gift cards are available for purchase online through Club Automation, in-person, by email, or over the phone. Gift cards purchased online are only available in predetermined amounts. Those wanting to gift an amount different from what is available online may contact Reception to request their specific amount. Gift cards purchased online may only be applied to the account they were purchased on. To transfer the gift card, please contact Reception with the name on the account you would like the gift card to be transferred to. If the recipient does not have a Club Automation account, please make sure they create one prior to requesting the transfer. 

To use a gift card for any purchase, you must contact Reception to complete the transaction. Gift cards cannot be used to complete purchases online independently.