Joffrey Board Chair Anne L. Kaplan outlines the challenges ahead.

Dear Friends,

This past year has tested the mettle of everyone around the world.

In a year that none of us could have anticipated, it is hard to overstate the hundreds of thousands of lives that have been lost or the social and racial inequities that were already in deep crisis long before the arrival of COVID-19. We have also witnessed the realities of a fragile system, including the tenuous financial state of nonprofits and small businesses.

But in matters of crisis, there is also opportunity. This is a chance to look inward and ask, “How do we move forward?”

For the Joffrey’s part, the pandemic has opened our eyes to unexpected and often painful challenges, yet we find ourselves thinking about the overwhelming emotions that will no doubt touch all of us when we take the stage once again.

That day will come. In the meantime, we note that a season that began optimistically and ended unceremoniously also inspired a wave of modernization. From every corner of the organization, we are working to create a stronger, more equitable Joffrey Ballet, a reminder that our greatest achievements are yet to come. 

The Joffrey was founded on the principle of hope and innovation. We carry on that legacy now and forever.


Anne L. Kaplan
Board Chair
The Joffrey Ballet