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Abbott Academy Director Raymond Rodriguez and Joffrey Rehearsal Director Adam Blyde.

Dance is challenging yet freeing, frustrating yet rewarding—an endless journey. Abbott Academy Director Raymond Rodriguez has seen its ups and downs, whether from his time as a rising star at the High School for the Performing Arts in Manhattan to his stint in Cleveland as a principal artist with the Cleveland Ballet (now Ballet San Jose).

It’s perhaps why education plays such an important role in his life. Since becoming Abbott Academy Director at the Joffrey Academy in 2019, elevated from his previous position as Head of Studio Company and Trainee Program, the work is perhaps more rewarding than ever in the time of COVID-19. 

Credit the students says Rodriguez, who he says gives him inspiration on a daily basis.

”They support each other, care for each other," Rodriguez says. "As hard as it has been, the pandemic has brought all of us together in ways none of us could have anticipated. The bond is truly unbreakable.“

The challenges may be great, but Rodriguez feels optimistic. In this episode of On Cue, learn more about Rodriguez’s journey to the Joffrey and what’s in store for the Joffrey Academy in the year ahead.