Joffrey Community Engagement.

Dear Friends of Joffrey Community Engagement,

We write with greetings and updates.

Joffrey Community Engagement is in the midst of an unprecedented year. Zoom is the new norm. Digital is the new model. Like everyone, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to adapt to the nebulous realm of virtual learning.

We know that that it’s been difficult, especially for our partners and friends at Chicago Public Schools, who remain on the front lines in the fight against COVID-19. Students are understandably restless. Parents and teachers are stretched thin. For our part, the Joffrey Community Engagement team is coping with the loss of the special connection with the students and young artists of Chicago, forged in studios and in classrooms.

It feels as though the world is at a standstill. But while the pandemic continues, we have every reason to feel optimistic about the future. Despite the challenges right now, our work at the Joffrey continues without interruption. We’ve adapted our programs for virtual learning and will continue to remain in close contact with students and CPS partners alike.

We must remain nimble and diligent. The nature of the pandemic forces us to be fluid. I encourage you to visit our Joffrey CE program pages for the latest news and updates. Our staff will also communicate regularly via email, and we also encourage you to reach out with questions, concerns, and feedback.

We are hopeful that life will return to normal sometime soon. We know that Joffrey CE is much more than a place to learn and grow—it is also a community.

Rest assured that we will keep it that way.

Kind regards,

Linda Swayze
Joffrey Community Engagement