Under the Trees' Voices

Performance Details

  • Choreographer Nicolas Blanc
  • Music Symphony No. 2 by Ezio Bosso
  • Performance History World Premiere

"Under the Trees' Voices" speaks to the power of community in the age of social distancing. Stream the performance below. Click play to watch.

Meet the Creative Team

Nicolas Blanc, Choreographer

Blanc's illustrious career as a performer and choreographer dates back to his early days at the Paris Opera Ballet School.

Under the Trees' Voices features 15 Joffrey Artists. Left: Joffrey Artists Dylan Gutierrez and Jeraldine Mendoza dazzle in this sensual pas de deux. 
Joffrey Artist Xavier Núñez takes in the moment. 
Joffrey Artists Victoria Jaiani and Temur Suluashvili perform with exquisite emotion.