In lieu of live performances for the 2020–2021 season, the Joffrey is pleased to introduce the Joffrey Studio Series, a new digital offering that welcomes audiences to the intimate studios of Joffrey Tower.

Experience the magic of The Joffrey Ballet from the comfort of your home. Learn more about our Company Artists, the Joffrey artistic team, and more with this series of interviews and behind-the-scenes featurettes. 

The Content You Crave from the Comfort of Home

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Studio Series Release Dates

Under the Trees’ Voices, Choreography by Nicolas Blanc, April 30 at 7:00 PM CST

Joffrey Rehearsal Director Nicolas Blanc presents the world premiere of Under the Trees' Voices, set to Symphony No. 2 by Italian composer Ezio Bosso. Under the Trees’ Voices channels the power of community in the age of social distancing. In four distinct sections, Blanc imagines a future of hope and unity. Streaming at

Now Streaming: B O R D E R S, Choreography by Chanel DaSilva, 

B O R D E R S imagines the boundaries—both literal and figurative—that people place on themselves and others. DaSilva challenges the audience to look at how they separate themselves from others in the world, whether through physical means or psychological ones. The 13-minute piece features a cast of 11 artists—ten women and five men.

Now Streaming: Brushstroke, Choreography by Tsai Hsi Hung, 

Tsai Hsi Hung’s world premiere for the Joffrey Academy will stream on March 26 at 7:00 PM. Brushstroke takes inspiration from the work of designer Alexander McQueen and painter Jackson Pollack. Using “the line” as a central theme, Hung weaves a series of complex textures through movement that create the effect of currents of wind winding around each other. The 12-minute piece features a cast of eleven artists—eight women and three men.

Now Streaming: Ballet de Cour, Choreography by Durante Verzola

Ballet de Cour features a cast of 15 and evokes the courtly nature of classical ballet’s 17th Century origins. The piece is danced to music by Frédéric Chopin (based on a theme by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) and steeps itself in neoclassical technique, with the women dancing in pointe shoes. Through the many “micro dramas and stories” inspired by the music, Verzola uses Chopin’s lively score to explore the dancer’s innate desire to move and express it.

Now Streaming: ¡VIVA!, Choreography by Pablo Sánchez

 ¡VIVA! celebrates the Joffrey Academy’s tenth anniversary year and its ongoing commitment to presenting works by under-represented groups of artists. Sánchez is inspired by his native México in creating a fresh and vibrant work titled ¡VIVA!, using music by composers Manuel Ponce and José Pablo Moncayo. “It’s an illustration of Mexican tradition with a splash of the colorful spirit for which México is beloved in our world.”

Previously Streamed: Boléro, World Premiere

The world premiere of Boléro choreographed by Joffrey Company Artist Yoshihisa Arai streamed on February 26, 2021. To learn more, visit

May 12, 3:00-3:45 PM: Joffrey Academy Live Rehearsal

Featuring Joffrey Studio Company and Academy Trainees led by Joffrey Rehearsal Director Nicolas Blanc | Streaming at

Now Streaming: Rehearsal: Under the Trees' Voices, Choreography by Nicolas Blanc | Streaming Live at

Now Streaming: Joffrey Academy Live Rehearsal with Yoshihisa Arai

Featuring Joffrey Studio Company and Academy Trainees led by Joffrey Company Artist Yoshihisa Arai | Streaming at

Currently Available: In Conversation with The Mary B. Galvin Director Ashley Wheater

Currently Available: In Conversation with Company Artist Derrick Agnoletti

Currently Available: In Conversation with Abbott Academy Director Raymond Rodriguez

Currently Available: In Conversation with Company Artists Victoria Jaiani and Temur Suluashvili

Currently Available: In Conversation with Director of Community Engagement Linda Swayze

April 15: Yonder Blue with Jeraldine Mendoza and Dylan Gutierrez

April 22: Midsummer Night's Dream with Valeria Chaykina and Fernando Duarte

May 6: Jane Eyre with Christine Rocas

Currently Available: Mono Lisa with Amanda Assucena and Alberto Velazquez

Currently Available: The Times Are Racing with Edson Barbosa and Greig Matthews

Currently Available: The Nutcracker “Snow Scene” with Cara Marie Gary

Currently Available: The Nutcracker “Communal Dance” with Graham Maverick and Brooke Linford

Currently Available: The Nutcracker “Marie” with Amanda Assucena

Currently Available: The Nutcracker “Grand Pas” with Victoria Jaiani and Miguel Angel Blanco

Currently Available: Beyond the Shore with Nicolas Blanc

Currently Available: Anna Karenina “Kitty and Levin” with Anais Bueno and Yoshihisa Arai

Currently Available: Anna Karenina “Jockey” with Hansol Jeong and Xavier Nuñéz

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