The role of Worker Child is designed for children with disabilities who use assistive mobility devices and those who do not require them.

This role is performed in a special, non-motorized wheelchair created for The NutcrackerTo audition, please film and submit a video according to the requirements below:

  1. Children should be seated for the entire video either in a wheelchair or a chair from home.
  2. Wear comfortable form-fitting athletic clothing or traditional dance attire (leotards and tights or a form-fitting white shirt and black shorts/tights).
    • Long hair should be pulled up off the shoulders.
    • Please note that dancers selected for this role must be comfortable wearing a costume that may include tights, ballet slippers, a dress, trousers, a shirt, et cetera.
  3. Children should begin the video with an introduction of themselves including their name, age, and hometown. Please film close to the dancer so we can see their face.
  4. Following introductions, dancers should perform two short improvisational exercises filmed with a view of the whole body. The dancer should remain seated and silent during the improvisation, but feel free to have an adult voice guide them through the process. Please do not include interactions with other people in the camera view, the video should be of the audition candidate only.

Example Audition Videos

Improvisational situation No. 1: Your child enters a party attended by family and friends. How would their face show their feelings of surprise, happiness, excitement etc.? What other body actions can be done while seated to convey their feelings?

Improvisational situation No. 2: Your child receives a present. How would they accept the present and open it? How could they show it to the other party attendees and share their feelings without using words?

Videos should be no more than two minutes long. Please see the above videos for sample auditions. All videos must be submitted by 9:00 PM on September 10.

Submit your video by clicking this link, and be sure to submit the rest of your audition information using this form.