Trish Strong

Head of Children's, Adult, and Adaptive Programs with the Joffrey Academy since 2021.


Trish Strong was classically trained in the Cecchetti Method as a child under the direction of Karla Harris and continued her education with Rory Foster and Rodney Irwin.  After graduating cum laude with a B.B.A. from the University of Notre Dame, Strong began teaching ballet in Chicago. She is a certified member of the Cecchetti Council of America having passed her Advanced Teacher’s Examination and the Workshop Coordinator for the Midwest Cecchetti Council. Strong has also been trained in the philosophy of Structured Teaching developed at the TEACHH Autism Program which helps her better connect with students on the autism spectrum. She has always loved teaching young students and is happy to merge that love with her passion for ballet technique. She welcomes all students in a variety of classes and focuses on their strengths and the joy of dance with students who have special physical or learning needs. Strong has taught in studios on the North Shore, at Dance Center Evanston, the Hubbard Street Youth Dance Program, and masterclasses at Midwest Cecchetti workshops for over fifteen years. Strong was thrilled to join the faculty of the Joffrey Academy of Dance in 2009 and is excited to continue her role as Head of Children's, Adult, and Adaptive Programs.