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Joffrey Board Directors Brendan Fernandes and Farissa Knox

CHICAGO, IL — Anne Kaplan, Joffrey Board Chair, and Greg Cameron, President and CEO of The Joffrey Ballet, are pleased to announce the appointment of Brendan Fernandes and Farissa Knox to the Joffrey Board of Directors, effective immediately, for the 2021-2024 term.

Fernandes and Knox have served the Joffrey in various capacities and hold extensive backgrounds in marketing, documentary filmmaking, dance education, and visual arts. Fernandes, currently artist-in-residence in the Department of Art, Theory and Practice at Northwestern University, has been an active member of the Joffrey's Academy Committee since 2017, creating numerous live performance opportunities for young dancers. 

In July 2020, Knox, author, producer and founder of the Chicago-based advertising agency RLM Media, was named the Second Vice President and Membership Co-Chair of the Joffrey Women's Board. Knox also serves on the Joffrey's Community Engagement Committee and has played a crucial role spearheading the Joffrey’s ongoing Crisis Stabilization Fund during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We are overjoyed to welcome Brendan and Farissa to their new roles and look forward to working more closely together,” said Kaplan. “Their skills and passion for dance, dance education, and the cultural arts will be invaluable to the Board and the Joffrey’s ongoing effort to bring dance to local, national, and international audiences.”

“With their immense talents, Brendan and Farissa have taken on numerous roles over the last several years to help the Joffrey reach its full potential in all areas of the organization—education, visibility, access,” added Cameron. “They have a deep appreciation and love for the Joffrey, dance, and Chicago, which makes them ideal partners. We are thrilled to have them join the Board.” 

“As the chair of the Joffrey Board Governance and Nominating Committee, it is my privilege to lead the Joffrey’s efforts in developing a board that cultivates mission, identifies member skill sets, represents the diversity of our hometown of Chicago, and ultimately recruits the best talent,” added Joffrey Director James McDonough. “I join Anne and Greg in welcoming Farissa and Brendan’s leadership commitment to the Joffrey at a time of extraordinary growth and transformation.”

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