Shane Urton



Shane Urton spent most of his upbringing in North Carolina. At the age of fifteen, while living in Charlotte, he began dancing at a small competition dance school. After realizing his fascination with Ballet was strong, he moved on to Bonita's School of Ballet in Monroe, NC. A year there under the teachings of Bonita Simpson, Lesli Todd, and Skyla Caldwell strengthened his technical understanding of Ballet and then encouraged him to move to an even more serious school. North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston-Salem, NC accepted him to train in the Dance school as a Ballet major. His love for both, Ballet and Contemporary styles, grew from working with instructors such as Ethan Stiefel, Warren Conover, Nigel Burly, Christine Spizzo, Brenda Daniels, and Diane Markham.

After two years at school he graduated in 2009 and was off to find a job, hopefully, in a professional company. Alexei Kremnev and Anna Reznik took him into the official Academy of the Joffrey Ballet. Their focus on him only strengthened his understanding of dance and the dance world alike. By the spring of 2010 Shane was offered to join the Joffrey on a professional contract. He has performed many roles in many pieces including: Othello, Pretty BALLET, The Nutcracker, Stravinsky Violin Concerto, The Concert, Age of Innocence, Cinderella and The Merry Widow. Shane continues at The Joffrey Ballet fueled by his passion and fascination alike.