10 Questions With…Jacqueline Moscicke

September 8, 2010
4 Dancers


Today we have 10 Questions with Jacqueline Moscicke from the Joffrey…

1. How did you become involved with dance?

When I was little I would jump off furniture trying to imitate Baryshnikov and ended up in the emergency room a few times. That’s when my parents decided to take me to a ballet class.

2. What are you currently doing in the field?

I joined The Joffrey Ballet in July.

3. Would you share a special moment or two from your career?

One of my favorite moments was being featured in Margo Sappington’s, Common people.  The ballet turned into a film documentary called Gonzo Ballet with William Shatner. Another great ballet experience was being Clara in the Nutcracker, it will always hold a magical spot in my heart.

4. What is the best advice you have ever received regarding dance?

The best advice I received was from my Grandpa, he said “write it all down before you forget all these special moments”.

5. Do you have any advice for those who would like to dance professionally?

I would have to say there’s a company for everyone, you just have to search for where you feel comfortable and fit best.

6. What has been your biggest challenge in dance?

Injuries are the worst!  I had loads of doubts and insecurities when I had ankle surgery. I missed all the other dancers, felt left out, and wondered if I’d ever catch up again.

7. What is it that you love so much about ballet?

It’s hard to explain my love for ballet, I just feel most at peace when I’m on stage.

8. Do you have a special routine that you go through before a performance, or is each one different?

I definitely am superstitious.  I can’t go up on stage too much before the show starts or I’ll get nervous, and I keep good luck charms with me in my dressing room.

9. Where you do think dance is headed?

Hopefully rock ballets continue to become more popular they’re great fun to do!

10. What is next for you?

I’ll be taking in all the wonderful new things I’m discovering in Chicago, with The Joffrey Ballet.

BIO: Originally from Sussex Wisconsin Jacqueline Moscicke received her formal training at Milwaukee Ballet School on full scholarship. In 2003, she received honorable mention in the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts competition. In 2006 and 2008, Ms. Moscicke was featured as Clara in Milwaukee Ballet’s the Nutcracker. Other roles she has enjoyed performing are George Balachine’s Agon, variations from Marius Petipia’s Raymonda, appearing as the Songbird Fairy and Princess Florine in The Sleeping Beauty,  and Margo Sappinton’s Common People which is featured in William Schatner’s Gonzo Ballet Documentary. She spent seven years with Milwaukee ballet Company and is thrilled to be joining The Joffrey Ballet.